Construction Interventions

At the outset we would like to thank you for the opportunity to present to you our professional services. We are confident that our firm and our team of professionals would be best suited to assist you in implementing development strategies and assist with the smooth continuation of construction activities on all sites that fall under your control.

The emergence of various community stakeholder forums has resulted in a countrywide trend of “project hijacking”, extortion and intimidation. This trend has had the undesirable effect of stifling economic growth.

Very often there are rogue criminal elements operating within these various forums. The sole object of these “inciters” is to extort from the main developer and sub-contractors monetary benefit for themselves. They have no interest in uplifting or spreading opportunities to the various surrounding communities. They will often resort to intimidation, malicious damage to property. In some instances, this will escalate to various forms of physical violence against labourers, contractors, and sub-contractors.

As a result of the above, a multi-faceted approach to the problem must be implemented. Such an approach will include Legal, Law Enforcement, Stakeholder Mediation, Stakeholder Communication.


  1. Identifying the perpetrators 
  2. Obtaining the necessary interdictory relief
  3. Providing the National, Provincial and Local Law Enforcement Agencies with the necessary Court orders.
  4. Instituting the criminal cases against the perpetrators.
  5. Assisting the investigating officers with all aspects of the investigation thereby ensuring that the perpetrators are arrested and held accountable.
  6. Approaching the National Directorate of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) on every criminal case instituted to ensure a successful prosecution of all perpetrators involved.
  7. Ensuring that the full effect of each and every court order is achieved


  1. To develop a structured process strategy which is specifically tailored to the relevant construction site to mitigate the threats to the development.
  2. To present the strategy to the local Ward Councillor, Developer, Contractor, Sub contractors, Stakeholder Forums, local business communities, political parties and affiliated structures.
  3. Facilitate and mediate meetings between all relevant stakeholders.
  4. Conducting ongoing risk assessments in respect of all activities at the  project site.
  5. Delivering a working model that can be easily integrated into other developments from inception.
  6. Development of a comprehensive SMME database and the management thereof.
  7. Vendor accreditation, due diligence and risk assessments


  1. Identifying instigators within the stakeholder forums and within the labour force.
  2. Screening of labour.
  3. Background checks, including but not limited to, criminal profiles, assets and civil judgments. 
  4. Obtaining details of all previous criminal case wherein the identified instigators. 
  5. Identifying all persons with propensities towards committing violent crimes.
  6. Intelligence gathering


We trust that the above provides an accurate description of the services we offer in respect of construction sites under your control. The services articulated above is by no means a limitation of our scope of work and is in addition to the enclosed company prospectus. 

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